Day 9 to now!

Thursday 14/2 no sleeping in a car park tonight, as the van not ready until Friday 11ish!! We decided to to go into Lisbon and find a hotel, bus and metro from Loures took about an hour, had a walk round Lisbon, very nice city.

Left Lisbon about 10.30am no rush as we know the van would not be ready!! Got to the garage about 11.40am suprise suprise van not quite ready!!

1pm van ready, paid the bill now a few Euros lighter!!!! Back on the road and heading for Spain.

Found a campsite in Isla Cristina, set up for the night, beer, pizza and bed, hey! we know how to live xx

Saturday 16/2

Up early sorted van, on the road for 9.30am fuelled up and set off for Granada.

through Seville as sat nav didn’t recognise new motorway!!! Roads great again motorways empty.

We had brew about half way and booked a campsite just out of the city, parked up got the van sorted and got the bus into the centre of Granada (didn’t realise it was so big) We walked up to the La Alhambra had a look around then walked back down again.

Then to find a bar had beer and tapas, found the bus stop (which is always a bonus!) Back to the campsite, great nights sleep ready for the road in the morning xx

Sunday 17/2

Shortish drive today we are heading to see friends in Marazzon, as we head back to northern Spian, will let you know how goes xx


It was all going so well!!!

Day 8 started well, packed up and set off, filled up with deisel(was it really deisel!!)

50 miles into a 250 mile journey the van started to slow down and loose power! Coil light flashing! Got to services and left for half an hour, when returned no lights on, so carried on with journey.

After 5 minutes a engine light came on, got to the toll on the motorway and the van stopped!! would not start and we were in the middle of the lanes with hazards on! Howard phoned RAC and I walked over a road bridge for help, found Paulo(our hero) RAC said sort yourselves out and claim later (big help!!) Our hero helped push us to the side of the road and then called a recovery service they wanted 135 euros, however the next junction was 200mtrs away and the VW garage 500mtrs away. Howard got the van going and we headed for the garage with our hazards on! Oh bugger cut out on roundabout!

So near get so far!!

Howard went across the roundabout and I stayed with the van!!

Johan arrive with H from the garage about 20 minutes later (1pm) checked that we had put correct fuel in, we had (thank goodness) tried to get I the wrong side to drive the van!! I did have a bit of a chuckle xx when he eventually found the steering wheel he really revved the engine and was determined to get us to the garage!! Got there in one piece then was informed it was now lunch time and to come back at 3pm, so 2 hours to kill.

Back to the garage at just after 3pm, van looked at 4pm- 5.30pm van needed a new part and just like any other garage it needed to be ordered!!! Will be here Thursday by 3pm van fixed by Friday!!! 2 day lost on our journey !! Hey what the hell we are retired!!

Questions we asked ourselves where would we sleep? Johan from the garage said we could have the van back and park in the garage next to the VW garage, me being me! signs said 30 min only, so we found a Portuguese version of Lidl and slept in their car park

Day 9 Thursday, took van back to garage and left with them until tomorrow.

We then got bus and metro on to Lisbon

(bonus trip) booked a hotel (Shower and wifi!!) Beer time xx will update soon xx

Spain to Portugal

Great nights sleep, up a bit later than the past 2 mornings😀 after rearranging the van, shower and a coffee we set off to Portugal.

Roads really quiet, 220 miles to go.

Views amazing

Arrived in 5hrs, found parking for the night, however no loos!!! So may need to use camping loo will let you know!!!

Now time to stretch our legs and find a bar!!!!

Strom Eric meet Bay of Biscay!!!

Arrives in Portsmouth Friday evening, had to swim out of car park!! weather not good.

Saturday 9th February, Arrived at the port after filling up with fuel.

7am papers checked and pointed to a long line of cars and Van’s, 15 minutes later moved forward to the next queue!

Ferry loading all the big lorries, there where loads, time was ticking when it got yo 8.15am and not a car, camper or caravan loaded, no way would we be setting off at 8.45am, so we waited and waited eventually on the ferry at 9.20am (BREW time). Ferry set sail at 9.45am.

Found our cabin a room with a view.

(which some of you need to know it had it’s own loo!!! So the van loo not used yet!!)

Portsmouth harbour nice and calm after about 10 minutes storm Eric caught up with us, it was easier to stay in the cabin lay down (1 book read on the journey)

The whole sail was very undulating sleep was not easy when sliding forwards and backwards on the bed, then waking and thinking if this is happening to us!! What’s happening to the van!!!

Sunday 10th February

Lovely wake up call! to tell due to the stormy weather conditions we would be in Santander 3hrs behind schedule (Oh what joy)

When for a brew very unsteady on our feet, then went to see if the vehicles were ok on the deck we could see the van, not moved a inch!! All’s good xx

Dock in Santander, one of the first off the ferry, straight through passport control out of the port and on the motorway to our first overnight stay in Avin, hope to get a good night’s sleep.

Got here safely van parked up

beer and tea xx updates to follow

So we have the essentials!!!

One question we kept being asked is have you go a loo!! 

We looked all over for one to fit the van as space limited, found the perfect size in Range( good old Range never let me down!)

Then you need the necessary chemicals!!

Then where to put it!! Found the perfect spot.😀

As if yet never used, will let you know how it goes xx💩

Seating and packing

So seating made now time for the cushions, took a lot of planning as all 3 seats different sizes!! Also had to fold out to make a bed! All sorted and worked as we tried them out on a trip to Angelsy in November xxx

So we knew the seating and bed worked, bedding packed all ready for the off.

fb_img_1549488756242                        Van took 2 days to pack, now the whole of our life ( except a few bits left in Rochdale!!!) is in the van xx

Set off today, hope you have seen the video as we said goodbye 👋, set off Cornwall our first stop the drive took 6 hours 50 minutes 360 miles, arrive at  mums White wine waiting, cheers everyone back with you tomorrow